Written June 2021

 As I reflect on the last 5 years of growing this small business, I am deeply humbled. I had a dream of reconnecting with one of my first loves, nature, back in 2014 after searching for natural remedies to help combat my 20+ years of suffering with severe allergies and blemish prone skin. I was 30 years old, designing for a well-known fashion company, living in Brooklyn with my long-time partner, experiencing what appeared to be "the dream". And all day long, I dreamt of creating something that made me feel more alive, whole, protected and honestly, actually happy. I poured myself into books, online resources, an herbal and aromatic course and became deeply passionate for the first time in what felt like forever. Discovering the instinctual healing of plants and the power of the natural realm was a homecoming I welcomed with open arms.


I hosted the launch party in June 2015 at my favorite little wine bar around the corner from my apartment on a hot and humid, rainy Saturday. My friends came and we drank champagne as they graciously sniffed and played with my creations. It was sweet and intimate, and I was full. There was so much unknown about where I would go from there but by November, I quit my full-time job as a fashion designer and made Oxalis my top priority. From craft fairs in Manhattan, to a permanent move to New Orleans, to taking the show (literally) on the road for the majority of 2016 to Austin, Chicago, Nashville and locally in New Orleans - it's proven to be clear, I love this work.


Thank you endlessly for your support these past 5 years! Thank you for believing in plant-to-body skincare as a tool for comfort and intimacy, for moments that are only yours, for daily rituals. My hope is that despite all of the messiness that life can bring, when you use Oxalis, it feels like a joyful homecoming. 

 With loving gratitude,