Your Guide to Summer Body-Care

Like all of nature, our body and its needs change with the seasons. These shifts are especially tough on skin, as it’s the organ that’s exposed to the elements. Making a few adjustments or additions to both your skin and body-care routines is helpful for bringing some ease to seasonal transitions.

It’s summer (woo!), which is a very active time of the year. More time outside in the sunshine, heat, and muggy air; ‘tis the season for outdoor exercise, time by the pool, events, nights out, hiking, and beach days. Turning our body-care up a notch in the summertime can help us deal with the extra sun exposure, changing weather, regular shaving (if that’s something you do), and sweat. Keep reading to see our favorite tips for feeling good in our skin all summer long.

Summer Body-Care Tips:

  1. Stay hydrated throughout the day with a nourishing Body Oil. Yes, even in humidity- oil helps to balance oil! The antioxidants and fatty acids in ours will also help to counteract sun damage and soothe post-shave.
  2. Try dry-brushing as a non-irritating exfoliation practice that also improves lymphatic drainage.
  3. Give your sweaty pits some nontoxic love! Use a natural deodorant that won’t clog your pores with aluminum, and if you feel you need an extra boost, consider detoxing your underarms with a purifying Wildflower Clay Mask.
  4. Keep a replenishing Mineral Mist in your bag to freshen and balance skin all-over, all day long. Mist in hair for beachy waves, too!
  5. For physical and mental recovery, add a salt soak like this one into your bath routine to restore, gently detoxify, lower stress, and soothe sore muscles.