Sustainable Skincare: What We're Doing and How to Reuse Your Packaging

We’ll say it like it is: the beauty industry has historically been among the worst industries for the environment, from the ingredients used to the abundance of microplastics, single-use plastics, and non-reusable, non-recyclable materials. Sustainability is also a very hard thing to accomplish in a mass-production model, a model that much of the industry functions from.

Transparency is in our DNA as a company, especially because we’re proud of our process. Everyday is Earth Day here. Oxalis was born from a love of nature and a deep appreciation for the fact that our bodies are nature, too. Our products are truly plant-to-body; everything is created in small batches and handcrafted in-studio from carefully-sourced, one hundred percent natural ingredients. This includes all preservatives used- no fillers!

With the exception of our deodorant- which is packaged in recyclable plastic- and caps, we employ glass to bottle our formulas. We’re currently in a testing phase for an additional, more sustainable option for our natural deo- the process will likely take a while, especially at our size, but we’re hopeful about the opportunities and innovations out there.

Why glass? Glass is more easily recycled than plastic, and it’s also more reusable- we love getting creative with our empties rather than throwing them out, because while recycling is great, finding a new home or use for a jar is even better! To inspire you to do the same, we’ve put together a list of every fun and functional use we’ve found for our glass jars and bottles.

  1. Tiny vases for individual flowers or small arrangements.
  2. Use for tea-lights and other candles.
  3. Vanity or desktop catch-all for jewelry, pins, clips, and other small items.
  4. Storage for dry goods, such as seeds, beans, grains, and pastas.
  5. Toner bottles can be used to contain a homemade plant mist.
  6. Fill a bottle with a pump (like our cleanser) with hand soap.
  7. Matchstick holder.

P.S. We know we can’t all keep every jar, so remember that if you are letting go of one, completely clean the bottle and remove the label to make sure it can be properly recycled.