Plant-Based Fall Skincare Routine

After a long, hot summer, autumn is finally here! And just as we find ourselves needing a shift in our wardrobe, our skincare needs a transition, too. We’ve broken down a routine that keeps your skin happy and healthy from head to toe in low humidity and crisp air.


We like to keep things easy: cleanse, tone, and moisturize everyday, mask once or twice a week.

Cleanser: Exfoliation and clearing away makeup, dirt, and pollution are always important, however dryer winter skin can be sensitive to over-exfoliation. Enter: our French Sea Clay + Pineapple Enzyme Cleanser. Natural BHAs from willow bark exfoliate, resurface and refine pores, french sea clay gently purifies without drying, and vitamin C from pineapple provides a brightening, collagen promoting boost.

Toner: A toner like our Rose + Neroli Toning Mist, often also referred to as an essence, gives us added hydration and balances the delicate pH of our skin’s microbiome structure. It also helps any serums, oils, or balms that follow absorb into the skin more efficiently, so be sure to make this step #2 after cleansing.

Serum: This is where we lock in moisture to protect our skin’s delicate barrier. Our Daily Glow Serum is our daytime pick, while for nighttime, we love our (soon-to-be-released) regenerative Nightly Renewal Serum. Both are packed with non-comedogenic oils (aka, they won’t clog pores and cause breakouts or blackheads) and reparative antioxidants.


A moisturizing body oil is perfect for dryer months. These body oils protect against the environment while offering therapeutic aromatic benefits. For some extra body love, soaking a few times a week in this luxurious Coconut Milk Bath is also nourishing for the skin, not to mention a grounding and meditative practice for the mind and spirit.