Our Complete Face Collection: What’s in it, and why?

As most anyone reading this probably knows, there are a lot of skin products out there. Some are five bucks, some are 500; there are lotions, potions, sprays, masks, oils, peels, rollers, screens, primers, plumpers, and so, so much more. And we always say around here: you do you! But however many products you choose to work into your routine, we do think it’s essential to understand not just what they’re meant to do, but why and (perhaps most importantly) how they accomplish that goal. It’s your body — not to mention your money! — after all, and knowledge, as they say, is power.

And to that end, so is transparency! And with that in mind, we’re breaking down each product in our handcrafted, plant-to-body Complete Face Collection — what’s in it, why it’s there, and how it actually works.


Our French Sea Clay + Pineapple Enzymes Cleanser works to purify, brighten, and soften the skin all at once — a seemingly impossible task, of course, though one that’s made possible through its oil and clay base. French green clay is a soft, natural clay that works with the epidermis to gently exfoliate and remove impurities without overwhelming or upsetting your complexion (some clays are quite harsh!). Grapeseed and castor oil, meanwhile, gently cleanse while softening the skin, protecting your skin’s delicate moisture barrier — leaving you feeling fresh and clean, without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

The other superstar ingredients in this one? Willow bark extract, which is naturally packed with exfoliating beta hydroxy acid, otherwise known as the ever-trendy BHA — a chemical exfoliant that works with the top layer of your skin to calm and banish frustrating topical acne. Meanwhile, pineapple extract brightens, while aloe and glycerin both help calm your complexion while locking in moisture.

We recommend using this cleanser 1-2x times a day.

Rose + Neroli Toner

Our Rose + Neroli Toner is certainly refreshing, but it’s more than just a rejuvenating mist. This bottle of naturals — bulgarian rose, aloe, neroli hydrosol, witch hazel, and rosehip extract — brights, purifies, and balances your skin’s delicate pH balance, while also providing a splash of moisture that, when used before applying one of our serums, preps skin for optimal serum absorption.

We recommend using this toner at least after every time you cleanse, but really, you can use it anytime throughout the day — under or over makeup!

Daily Glow Facial Serum

This best-selling everyday oil blend, the Daily Glow Facial Serum, is crafted to provide your complexion with everything it needs for daytime care and protection. Fast-absorbing, vitamin-rich oils — including golden jojoba seed, argan, rosehip (which packs a ton of vitamin C!), and hemp seed — work to hydrate your skin from the inside out, while potent antioxidant pomegranate seed CO2 extract provides support against sun damage, pollution, and other potential skin-damagers by fighting free radicals.

We recommend using this oil at least once a day, following a spritz of toner. Follow up with your fave sunscreen!

Nightly Renewal Facial Serum

The Nightly Renewal Facial Serum was designed to be the perfect compliment to Daily Glow — while the latter aims to hydrate and nourish the skin for daytime wear while protecting against the elements, the former was developed to enable overnight restoration and rejuvenation.

Fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E — found in the included camellia seed, prickly pear, chia seed, and avocado oils — repair, moisturize, and strengthen, protecting the skin’s delicate moisture barrier without overwhelming it. Raspberry seed CO2 extract provides an extra boost of potency, as rare blue tansy oil — which gives this serum its deliciously rich scent and color — is the ultimate skin-soother, working to heal and comfort both complexion and soul. You’ll wake up with velvety, smooth, and hydrated skin, but never any extra grease.

We recommend using this oil at least once a day, following a spritz of toner. Oh, and pro-tip for layering serums: if you use any kind of targeted, water-based serum (think a lighter hyaluronic or vitamin C), put your oil on afterwards — an oil will block those from absorbing properly. And if you want to mix in a moisturizer, put that on last.

Clay Masks

No face care collection (in our opinion, of course) is complete without a weekly mask, designed to provide some extra care, support, and love. But not all skin always needs the same kind of added support, which is why we offer two: our Geranium Clay Mask and Wildflower Clay Mask.

The former is better for skin that tends to fall on the dryer and/or sensitive side. French pink clay is a gentle clay, working to purify and calm the skin at once. Cardamom powder provides an always-welcome boost of reparative antioxidants, and geranium oil targets acne without causing any inflammation or discomfort.

The Wildflower Clay Mask, on the other hand, is better for anyone more prone to oiliness. French green clay is a more powerful (though not overwhelming) mineral purifier which, when used regularly, can lend a gentle hand to anyone hoping to balance oil-overproduction. At the same time, oils of lavender and roman chamomile work to soothe and calm troubled or irritated skin.

Our favorite thing about both of these masks, though? They’re powder, which means they’re customizable! You can always just add a spoonful of water, OR you can mix in any favorite ingredients — check out our helpful mask mixing guide for some inspiration and guidance.

Ultimately, your face care routine belongs to you and you alone. If you want to snag the whole kit? We won’t stop you. If you want to start with one or two products and go from there? That makes us happy, too. Get creative and explore — but remember, it’s always, always best to know what’s going on your face and why.