Good Sex = Good Skin

There are a million skincare tips, tricks, and recommendations out there, but this one might be our personal favorite.

Good sex brings more than just pleasure. Healthy, consensual sex (masturbation included!) boasts a number of health benefits, one result of which is inside-out skin health. That post-O glow is real, and there’s science to back it up.

So, what exactly does sex do that’s so good for your complexion? Keep reading to find out.



Hormones, or the chemicals released by your endocrine system, are foundational for overall well-being. They’re your main messaging tool, working to carry directives and communications between different points and parts of your body. Each part of your body relies on the others; if your hormones are out of whack, you’ll feel it.

Hormonal imbalance manifests in the skin in a few different ways. Many of us are familiar with hormonal acne; if you’re someone who menstruates, you’ve probably been here before! But skin issues can also be a side effect of other hormone-caused maladies such as not being able to sleep or de-stress. That’s because both lack of sleep and stress can lower immunity, cause inflammation, break down collagen and elastin stores, and contribute to an overabundance of pore-clogging sebum (gross word for the skin’s oil) that occurs when cortisol (the stress hormone) levels spike. This might result in just about any skin concern, from eczema, to acne, to a lack of general radiance, and more.

Sex- acheiving orgasm specifically- works with two main hormones, both of which are essential for skin health: estrogen and oxytocin.

Estrogen contributes to a number of skin functions. As Keira Barr, M.D., told MindBodyGreen, estrogen "plays a role in supporting normal skin barrier function, maintaining skin hydration, keeping oil gland production at bay, improving wound healing, and modulating inflammation.” One way it does so? Estrogen contributes to collagen stores, and as you may have gathered from the wild amount of collagen-boosting products that exist, collagen is a pretty big deal when it comes to skin.

Oxytocin deals directly with stress. Cortisol is important, yes, but in the short-term. When one might need to outrun a bear, for example. Or, less extremely, when you know you have to be on time for something.

As explained above, however, an overabundance of cortisol, especially when it’s not actually needed (no bears), can directly and indirectly wreak havoc on just about every bodily function, skin included. Orgasm releases oxytocin, reducing stress and anxiety- and therefore, supporting your skin!


Sex is technically physical exercise, and when we exercise, we release something called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide boosts blood flow, and that increased blood flow doesn’t just give you perfectly flushed cheeks (sans blush!). It plumps skin and lips and speeds up internal and external healing, too.


To fully capitalize on naturally plumped, rosy, and dewy complexion, we do recommend spritzing on one of our face and body mists for a little refresh before heading out into the world.

While we love and believe in a supportive, product-based skincare regimen, never forget that healthy skin is part of a balanced life overall. Sex just happens to be one of the most fun pillars of such. Whether you’re solo or with a lover, your complexion will be happy.